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 About the Artist:

After years of using expensive artist tools, and a college degree, Supie has finally found her favorite medium:  sand, a stick and a camera. She's just sorry it took 50 years to learn what she already learned in the sand box at age three. But like she says "this only proves you are never too old to be young again."

How did it all start:
Sand Scribbles got its start from a simple desire to provide low-cost, personalized gifts. As a self-taught calligrapher, Supie quickly mastered the art of "scribbling" in the sand. Her family and friends raved about her unique gift photos and she soon realized there was a broader market than her thriving custom order business. While Supie still loves doing custom work, Sand Scribbles has grown into a full-scale creative endeavor. Each of her cards feature images of words actually written in the sand by Supie.