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About Supie's Art

"Wow, Supie- that photo took my breath away, literally. What a gift you have, rather that God has given you!  By the way, I was visiting our daughter in Long Beach shortly after seeing your sand scribbles and thought I would try it for myself, that's when I discovered that you have a true gift!!!"
Your letters look too perfect to be handwritten, are they?
Yes, they are all handwritten in the sand. Supie has been doing calligraphy for 35+ years, so she can write just about any lettering style in the sand. She has also spent a lot of time practicing so that the lettering will come out as perfect as possible.

How often do you go to the beach?
Supie lives in Half Moon Bay, and walks to the beach nearly every day.
Do you ever use a photo-enhancing program?
Yes. If you have ever been to the beach, you would soon realize that every minute the beach changes as the tide comes in and out, as well as the sun hiding behind the clouds. If someone walks into the image and there is time to rewrite the message she does that. But sometimes the photo is perfect and the only thing not wanted in the photo is footprints, seaweed and other things. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to remove those things using our computer. Once again, every message is handwritten in the sand.

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What customers are saying about Sand Scribbles!

"It is absolutely perfect... Tears are pouring down my face!"        

"Thanks again for putting smiles on so many faces with your awesome works of art!"

"You are friggin' amazing!!"

"All the best to you for making the world a better place with your scribbles and gorgeous photos."

"Thanks, Supie!  These are amazing.  You've now become my go-to person whenever I need a special present for someone."

"Your message on your business cards describe it perfectly "images beyond words." "You are so special, and your work reflects your inner spirit!  What a great job you have!"

"Supie, you definitely have a God given gift and I'm happy to have found you and I will be sure to refer you to all"

"You'll be amazed when you see this kind soul and listen to her story about how she started SandScribbles. Powerful, liberating and encouraging beyond belief is all that I can say."

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